T-5 Days Until Dogpatch Block Party|Walk About

What does it mean to have a "Block Party" in Dogpatch, San Francisco? 

As a proud San Franciscan, I have had the privilege to live in this neighborhood called Dogpatch for over 13+ years! It's not just the neighborhood that makes this place great to live in, but it is the people, the neighbors, the businesses in and around the hood, it's Reno's Liquor, it's Dogpatch Saloon and Just for You - you get to know everyone quite quickly. 

I see Dogpatch as a child of mine because when I moved here in late 2003, not much was going on. BUT! Dogpatch Neighborhood Association existed and I right away joined and became a member! Each year something new would change and slightly transform Dogpatch and just like seeing your child grow, I was watching Dogpatch grow!

To have a block party here in Dogpatch mean there are signs of life, growth and community! I love bringing people together. Why? Because you will meet awesome people! We like to connect and interact. 

Block party is for the people! Have fun out there! Look forward in meeting you all!

Dogpatch Block Party